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Blue Oysters: Grow Kit Instructions

Updated: Nov 24, 2021


Blue Oysters (pleurotus ostreatus columinus)

A strain of the oyster mushroom family, pleurotus ostreatus columinus- a.k.a Blue Oyster, is a beautiful and delicious species filled with health benefits which include adaptogens.

Blue Oysters like to fruit at cooler temperatures between 45 - 65F. The caps are large in size and the yield is abundant.

How to use your kit?

Follow these steps in order to successfully fruit your new mushrooms!

Open your grow kit box

  1. Lift the top flap and take out the scalpel and empty spray bottle from the box.

  2. Close back the the box, proceed to remove the pre-perforated area located in the front of the box. Do this step carefully to avoid rupturing the box other than in the pre-perforated area.

  3. Grab the scalpel included in your kit and cut an 'X' shape slice through the bag.

  4. Carefully pull back the flaps, in order to expose the substrate to some fresh air (see video below).

  1. Fill up the spray bottle with filtered water (tab water is fine).

  2. Spray 10 - 15 pumps of water around the exposed area of the bag. Try to hit the inside of the bag lids so that the water bubbles remain on the bag, facing towards the substrate but are not directly in the substrate.

  3. Place your grow kit in a well ventilated area (inside your kitchen is preferred), with enough natural light.

  4. Spray 10 - 15 pumps 3 times daily, or 5 pumps 3+ times daily. The more humidity you can provide to your mushroom, the more it will flourish!

You should see pins coming out of the open area in about 4 - 7 days. After the pins show up, it will take another 5 - 7 days for the mushroom fruit to fully mature and ready for harvest.

Ideal Fruiting Conditions:

Fruiting months: Fall, Winter

Pinning Temperature: 15°C (~59F)

Pinning Humidity: 95%

Fresh Air Exchanges: 4 - 8 per hour.

Fruiting Temperature: 15°C - 20°C (59 - 68F)

Fruiting Humidity: 85%

Cultivation Difficulty: Easy


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