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Mushroom Grow Kit: Lions Mane

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Lions Mane mushroom grow at home kits!


This product includes a 3lbs bag of bulk substrate which has been inoculated with Lions Mane mushroom spawn.


Ideal Fruiting Conditions:

  • Fruiting months: Late Fall, Winter, Early Spring
  • Fresh air exchanges: 5-8 per hour
  • Fruiting Temperature: 65-75° F (18-24° C)
  • Fruiting Humidity: (85) 90-95%
  • Cultivation Difficulty: Medium.


Check out our blog page to watch instructional videos and read more detailed instructions!


To grow the mushroom fruit, just cut a slit on the bag, spray water daily, and watch them grow within 7 - 10 days!


Included in the package:

  • 100% colonized substrate with mushroom spawn (rye grain based). Can be re-used as compost.
  • Bio-degradable bag.
  • Empty water spray bottle
  • Sterile scalpel

Mushroom Grow Kit: Lions Mane

Out of Stock
  • Grow kits are made to order, so kindly allow 4-5 weeks for the spawn and  substrate to fully colonize before it can be shipped.

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